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      Lady Wyndover stopped as if she had been shot, and stared at him aghast.Norman was taken aback for a moment. He was tired to death, and the excitement of his sudden meeting with Varley, coming on top of his anxiety to know whether Esmeralda was indeed there, confused him.

      Why?It is youit is you, Esmeralda! was all he could say for a moment or two. I can scarcely believe my eyes. How did you come here? But there is no time for questions; I must go back!

      Ever since she came back to Three Star, I have longed to meet you. I have lain awake, tortured by the desire to grasp you by the throat and call you to account. I am not a religious man, but I have prayed, actually prayed for this hour. And it has come!

      Very well, then, said Esmeralda. Do whatever you likewhatever you all like. I dont care in the least. I dont understand it.

      Heres health, long life, and happiness to Esmeralda of Three Star!


      An old friend? Trafford repeated.



      Esmeralda was standing before her glass, unfastening a bracelet. She stopped for an instant, and looked straight before her, absently. It was as if something had made her heart jump unpleasantly.I say, Trafford, were you at the Blankyres the other night?